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Bridging a Social Media Marketing Generation Gap

Social media best practices is often the topic of my column which is syndicated by several news services and tweeted to millions of readers. I've written two eBooks on social media best practices, and companies large and small hire me to create complex social media strategies and execute their plans. My newest client - the 19-year-old founder of Campus Thrift, ( a new, online thrift store where only college students can buy and sell used goods - isn't much impressed with any of this experience. 

Then again, she also happens to be my daughter...

Like it or not, there is a generational gap that exists in the social media world, and it only seems to be widening. You're always going to to roll your eyes at the generation before you who did not grow up with that new technology - bet it the horseless carriage or SnapChat.  According to a social media demographic study last year in Business Insider, the demographics of who's on what social network are s…

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