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Office Romances and the 3 Mistakes You'll Make

Yes, I know she's "not like the others."

Yes I know he's cute, kind, smart, and smiles like he can read your mind.


There's often no better way to find a compatible match than at the office as a recent study has shown. You get to see how they work, deal with stress, and interact with others. You've chosen the same career path so you have built-in commonalities. And they're sitting right across the cubicle from you so how's that for a short commute? It's how Barrack met Michelle. How Ashton met Mila. How I met the mother of my daughter. So I can't knock it.


You need to think about this one. Really think. Because an office romance is a risk to your career. (Notice I said it is and not can be?) But like any great risk, in can bring great rewards so you just need to be smart about how you go about it.
Mistake 1: Working together and not "working together" One of my first corporate jobs was for a large company that hire…