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Make it a Corporate Bio. Not a Lie-o.

Everyone except writers hate writing. Correction: everyone - especially writers - hate writing. It's an arduous process. We often do it, well frankly, because often we can't find anything else we can do better. And are pleased with the end result. But no one, writer or otherwise, is ever pleased with a bio. Be it theirs or someone else's.
Everyone's been there. You get the dreaded email from marketing or HR:
"Can you write a few paragraphs about yourself?" Ugh. Great now you need to boil down an entire existence into three paragraphs (space permitting). You avoid it hoping the requester will forget but of course they don't. They pester (I mean politely remind you) so you spend hours on it. Hate it. Bring it home. Hate it more. Then finally you finish. And the results are always the same.
"I've done nothing. The End." The reason process is so hard and the results so unrewarding is because most people go about bios the wrong way. Peopl…