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Going Underground -- Who's With Me?

The prospect of going underground does appeal to me more and more, but I wonder if it's even possible for a self-proclaimed social media guru? I'm thinking about going underground for awhile. Not in the secret agent sense of the word, though that has always sounded up my alley. Assuming a new name, making quick changes, wearing disguises -- actually that sounds more like a cruise ship entertainer than espionage. And not going underground in the political refugee sort of way either -- though as a centrist I always feel a bit invisible this time of year anyway.  But underground as in a law-abiding citizen who needs some time to rethink -- while off the radar.

My best friend does this so routinely that it's more an event when she's "above ground."  Wait, that makes it sound like she's a vampire -- but I'm (pretty) sure she's not as her teeth are not sharp, loves garlic, and faints at the sign of blood. But she does disappear from mirrors but more t…