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Keeping the "Party" in the Business Christmas Party.

I attended a Holiday Party this week. I mean, I think it was a party... This is not an article on the  validity of the War on Christmas or the value of replacing the word Christmas with Holiday. No this is business. And about a business Holiday party where not only was "Christmas" removed from the party, the partying was removed from the party.  And the fun.

Dickens knew how to throw a party - at least on paper he did. When I think of Christmas parties, I think of  A Christmas Carol's Fezziwig: young Ebenezer Scrooge's jovial boss. OK, I guess I think of Mr. Magoo's version first but I grew up with that Christmas Carol classic and still put "razzleberry dressing" on my morning toast. The point is that those were real Christmas parties back then. Plenty of food and spirits, music and dance, mistletoe and egg nog, and no liabilities. There was no drunk driving because everyone walked there - or perhaps rode a carriage pulled by a sober horse.

At …