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Inside Predictive Analytics: Or How I Knew You Were Going to Read This.

Web Retailers would love to somehow tell buyers from shoppers. With predictive analytics, they can.Depending upon the site and the products and services offered, some website visitors will purchase a product, fill out a form for more info, or schedule a demo. Most however, will take no action. 
Conventional website analytics can tell you where those visitors are coming from, what browser they’re using and other well, useless information for a digital marketer. Other software will tell you which Calls To Actions (CTAs) performed best, while some others (like heat maps) will tell you where their eyes focus when they peruse your site. All valuable information but still no way of telling buyers from the window shoppers.
Leave your tarot cards and crystal ball at home, predictive analytics uses data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and/or artificial intelligence to analyze historical data to make calculated predictions about the future. It’s been around for years of course. …