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The Problem with Social Media? It's Me, It's Not You


That one word was my first new Facebook status in months. No explanation. No follow up. Just the word, "you."

At first, mostly everyone glazed over it and passed it by. Then a few people followed it up with jokes and snarky comments. Yet, I held back a reply.

Until one of my young, terminally analytical, left-brained friends (you know the type: the ones so gifted mentally that illogical statements or off-beat humor often short-circuit their Beautiful Minds?) just couldn't take it anymore, and had to ask. So I told her.

I have a friend with whom I have grown close. They have recently looked to me for relationship advice. They are going through a particularly tough time and were making some bold moves to help the situation. I wanted them to know that I was there for them I was thinking about them.  But then I realized how I really had that sentiment for most of the people I communicate with through social media.

I've written a few eBooks and a blog about social m…