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Top 3 Social Media Business Trends in 2016 You Need to Know About

Ready for one last social media prognostication for 2016? (Yes I know it's mid-January 2016, but that's just how I roll.*sunglasses drop in slowly over eyes*)

Good, because there are social media trends that are starting and 2016 will see many changes in the landscape. And the sooner you see them, the sooner you'll be ahead of everyone else.  And topicality is what social media is all about, right?
Social Media is now just media.  This should not be a big revelation because to be honest, it has always been just another form of communications  it's just that the terms public relations, marketing, and advertising were already taken. When you launch a new product, or in this case, a new medium, you need to simply explain what it is, how it differs with similar products, and list its benefits. At risk of sounding like a famous premature declaration let me just say: Mission Accomplished.

The change has been gradual but more and more media outlets are avoiding the term signi…