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Seeing Through Google Glass

Google churns out technology products faster and more proficiently than Octomom produces tax deductions. And I've been a fan and faithful contributor for years (of Google products not Nadya Suleman that is). Gmail, Google Calendar, Android, Blogger, Maps — I'd list them all but I'm sure they'll release a few more by the time this article is printed today. And the latest product is Google Glass.

Part steampunk, part Terminator, Google Glass looks more like eye wear Jordy from Star Trek might wear on the beaches of Rigel 7 than a technology product. But it's Google's new way of looking at your world as seen through the Internet. Through verbal and motion commands, it can take a photo or video of what you happen to be looking at at that moment and lets you share it through the Web. It gives you directions if you want through maps. And of course does searches for images, answers, etc. on command. It even comes in five colors.

Now aside from the Goog…