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Social Media Epitaphs: When Final Words Are Necessary

Have you thought of what you might say to your idol if you bumped into them today? Or to that one crush you wished you had asked to the junior prom? You'd be worried about not having the time to say everything, afraid of leaving some important points out. You might be thinking how to arrange to see them again. But what if there was a person you met today that was one you didn't want to or think you would ever see again? Not a rival, enemy or anyone for who you viewed negatively, but a stranger or a business associate.

There is certainly no guarantee, but I met someone last week that I know I will never see again. We had pleasant conversation, but don't travel within the same circles, live somewhat far apart, and have no reason to connect again. Later I thought, Good or bad, I could have said whatever I wanted to this person with the knowledge that I would never have to explain it, redact it, or amend it.  And that was empowering.

We are conditioned as marketers to think …