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B2B Lessons from the Tao of Instagram

Recently, I looked into Instagram as a potential venue for marketing and advertising opportunities. (Did he really just say "recently"? Into a decade old network with 1 Billion users?!) It hasn't been a priority in business-to-business (B2B). I decided to go all in and submerse myself in this "tao" of Instagram. And what I discovered was nothing short of enlightenment. *Cue wind chimes, tribal drums, and sound baths*

Admittedly, I wasn't an O.G. of the IG. When I joined a few years ago, I used it as it was intended:  a visual diary, posting photos of my travels, my day, my dinner, my dog, my dog's dinner. It became apparent quickly that observations of everyday life are rarely engaging. No amazing vistas, no celebrity encounters, no street magic, and with no appetite for Tide pods or spoonfuls of cinnamon. But that's OK. At the very least it was consoling to my friends and family and casual acquaintances that despite being a writer living in Beverl…

A screenwriter's take on how to write your book.


The 3 Job App Requests that Make Good Candidates Jump Ship

Avoid these questions on your online job app that are too personal and risky or risk losing the best candidates out there to another company. I'm finicky, I'll admit it. My coffee has to have just the precise creamer to sweetener ratio or I won't drink it. My content has to have an engaging title and photo, or I won't post it. And if I came upon one of these three requests on a job application, I would jump ship faster than Amazon could say "hasta la vista, baby" to Long Island City - regardless of how much of a great fit I thought it may have been. And so do your top candidates.

Before I go any further, I'll state that I do understand why these requests are made. Some are corporate policy, some for legal reasons, but mostly these requests are made to aid the HR department in placing qualified candidates at this or another position. So I'm not balking at companies that make these requests, but simply at the timing of when they do so.

Now there are qu…