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That Time I Manifested a Glazed Donut

or "Confessions of a Closet Optimist." Yep, I manifested a real donut. And not one of those generic grocery store brands or vending machine ones that crumble once you crack open the cellophane. No, I manifested a fresh, warm, glazed yeasty delicious ring of dough. More about the pastry from thin air in a moment, but first: manifesting business results.

A dear friend called a while back and asked if I could help her with her digital marketing. So thrilled with the results, she wanted to return the favor. She told me all about the manifesting. "The Law of Attraction," "The Secret," and the like all have manifestation at their core. In short, the practice of how one could "wish" things true. Her discourse on Manifesting 101 immediately followed including a lesson on how to manifest anything or - anyone - I wanted.
"What do you want to manifest?," she asked. "I have what I need," I said, "though I'd love to sel…