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Social Media: Be Consistent and Inconsistent

Unlike the Ten Commandments, social media postings should not be carved in stone. Speaking of tablets, (the stone ones, not the "electronic babysitter" ones that retail for $399) we social media marketers need to think of ourselves as bricklayers when posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like using randomness as our guide. You see, good bricklayers naturally "mix it up" to avoid unwanted patterns.  And they best work when we do it in house.

Case in point. I never eat the same breakfast two days in a row, or take the same route to work, have regular scheduled meetings, or exercise times at the gym on the same day at the same time. Whatever the opposite of a creature of habit is, is who I am. Granted, this "charming" trait has driven any and all the highly-structured, organized women in my personal life out the door faster than common sense and logic runs from Florida politics. Yet, being consistently inconsistent serves me we…

Marissa Mayer Can Make Me "Say Anything"

Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg suggested that critics jumped on her friend Marissa Mayer's decision for ordering stay-at-home employees back to the office because she is a woman. The press has been careful not to mention the Yahoo! CEO's fetching good looks, charm, raspy (dare I say sexy) voice and appeal as so not to appear sexist. When Mayer implied that motherhood was easy, she drew the ire of working Moms across the country. The double standard continues, but beauty aside, it's a difficult, fine line to walk for female executives — in high heels or otherwise.

Now, according to a new article, Mayer is being maligned for her tough (and perhaps unrealistically high) hiring practices - causing Yahoo! to lose top talent. This one comes from within the company. According to an unnamed Yahoo employee, Mayer addressed the charges at a meeting, retorting "Why can't we just be good at hiring?" playing off the line "Why can't …

Social Media: Flipping the Switch On Old

I'm so spontaneous I just now decided to write about my spontaneity. I recently moved across the country. I purchased the tickets on a Monday, arrived the next day 2,300 miles West. I had been living in the same apartment for seven years. But a week before I moved, something wonderful happened. I reached to flick on the bedroom light switch and it was gone. Not from the wall, but from my memory.

My subconscious chose to delete that bit of information from my RAM to make room as it would soon be as obsolete as a floppy disk with Netscape Navigator. And that was the first of my cerebral cleansing with no juicing required. Each day I purged more and more from the mailman's name to -- well see? I already forgot what else I forgot.

Social media marketers strive to flip that light switch on permanently so they are always top of mind. But that's impossible to accomplish. Instead strive to get your posts out right after your readers and followers purge information they deem …