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How to Write Effective Social Media Content

Few businesses seem to "get" how to promote and post on their Facebook pages. Here are three tips to avoid putting visitors to sleep. As some social media start-ups get gobbled by Google (or is it Googled by gobble?) while other shining stars tumble, the naysayers are shooting from their anti-social media starting blocks faster than a Jamaican Olympic track team on Red Bull. If you’re reading some of the same articles, blogs, and Tweets that I am, then you’ve seen the recent onslaught of negative press regarding social media. Maybe I’m na├»ve to inner workings of Wall Street, but I’m not exactly sure how Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth going from a gazillion dollars to a measly bazillion signals the death knell to an entire industry. Though Markie-Mark 2.0 aside, so many pundits seem convinced:Social Media is dead. Over. Finito Completo. A member of the not-so-dearly departed.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of social media’s recent demise have been greatly exaggerated. I can …