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Wasn't that Super Bowl Amazing?! or Proactive Social Media

New England. Seattle. What a game that was! Yes I said was. No, this article wasn't posted a week early. It's in fact timed perfectly because it's not about the big game, it's about the social media game around scheduled events.

Good luck getting your post noticed nonetheless your message received next Monday morning. The Web will be overflowing with Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagrams, blogs, and commentary on the successes, failures, bad calls, and great plays of Super Bowl 49 (Sorry. English Major here. I don't do Roman Numerals).

But today, rather than my words getting lost in a sea of Monday morning social media mayhem, you're reading this Super Bowl themed article. I've got your attention and you'll listen to what I've got to offer. Touchdown, and the extra point is good.

First rule in social media event strategy is say it first. You can run the risk of saying the wrong thing, but that can be avoided if you've got the right peop…