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Seeing Through Google Glass

Google churns out technology products faster and more proficiently than Octomom produces tax deductions. And I've been a fan and faithful contributor for years (of Google products not Nadya Suleman that is). Gmail, Google Calendar, Android, Blogger, Maps — I'd list them all but I'm sure they'll release a few more by the time this article is printed today. And the latest product is Google Glass.

Part steampunk, part Terminator, Google Glass looks more like eye wear Jordy from Star Trek might wear on the beaches of Rigel 7 than a technology product. But it's Google's new way of looking at your world as seen through the Internet. Through verbal and motion commands, it can take a photo or video of what you happen to be looking at at that moment and lets you share it through the Web. It gives you directions if you want through maps. And of course does searches for images, answers, etc. on command. It even comes in five colors.

Now aside from the Goog…

Going Postal: Social Media Tries to Save Snail Mail

Sometimes there are so many things humorous about a news item that you don't know where to begin to make fun of it. But with others — like the US Postal Service deciding to stop service on Saturdays -- is so funny it borders on being heartbreaking. Like one of those well meaning but painfully bad cable access shows that air at 3:30 am on a channel you didn’t even knew existed. To make fun of the USPS at this point would be tantamount to beating a dead horse… with a baby seal…at an orphanage.
The situation is so pathetic, that the USPS, which loses about $25 million a day now, is being championed by the chief cause of its demise, the Internet. On Facebook they started a save snail mail campaign. Will social media help save the Postal Service and Saturday delivery?  On Saturday they had a "Buy a stamp and mail a letter or a postcard on Saturday. That’s what one Facebook event, titled “Because we love snail mail,” asked its participants to do. More than 900 pe…

A Valentine to Your Genuine Self

I make it a point to lead a relatively stress-free life, but for some reason I've managed to squeeze a couple year's worth of stress into the past month. Illness, family illness, dog illness, moving with no place to move to, job relocation, and perhaps the greatest opportunity of my lifetime all at the same time. I'm sure I'm missing a few more but my head is spinning and that will have to do for now. But despite being miles up the creek with no paddle or land in sight, I am handling it all quite nicely but what I am most proud of is that I just realized today that Thursday is Valentine's Day.

Being in love was always something I put a lot of effort into -- too much if you ask my friends. I love being in love and am a hopeless romantic by anybody's standards. But I've made it such a priority in my life that I've forsaken so much else.  Consequently, Valentine's Day each year has been a cause of so much worry and unhappiness for me over the years. I…

JetBlue’s Premium Service A First Class Failure

This hasn't been a good week for JetBlue shareholders and some of it's passengers.
Rather than provide the extra leg room based upon something as ridiculous as excess height, JetBlue now charges for exit rows, calling them premium seats – most of which are mid-cabin, mind you. So after the Captain had turned off the seat belt sign I slipped into the “Even More Space” row as they call it. Within seconds, I was pounced upon by the flight attendants, informing me that if I wanted to sit in one of these empty seats I would have to pay an additional $45 for the non-first class seat.

Could this the new backlash policy for what happened earlier in the week on a cross-country JetBlue New York JFK-San Diego flight that was diverted to Denver, after a passenger became unruly because a flier moved to a seat next to her paid less for the seat? The woman apparently became agitated when a man who had been seated in the normal, less-expensive area was moved next to her because …