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Going Postal: Social Media Tries to Save Snail Mail

Sometimes there are so many things humorous about a news item that you don't know where to begin to make fun of it. But with others — like the US Postal Service deciding to stop service on Saturdays -- is so funny it borders on being heartbreaking. Like one of those well meaning but painfully bad cable access shows that air at 3:30 am on a channel you didn’t even knew existed. To make fun of the USPS at this point would be tantamount to beating a dead horse… with a baby seal…at an orphanage.
The situation is so pathetic, that the USPS, which loses about $25 million a day now, is being championed by the chief cause of its demise, the Internet. On Facebook they started a save snail mail campaign. Will social media help save the Postal Service and Saturday delivery?  On Saturday they had a "Buy a stamp and mail a letter or a postcard on Saturday. That’s what one Facebook event, titled “Because we love snail mail,” asked its participants to do. More than 900 pe…