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Social Media Cyborgs or Faceborgs?

Facebook has made another move into mobile with its Facebook Home app. Use it and the default start page for your Android cell phone provides instant access to photos, comments and chats. Talk about in your face, book. As a rule, the easier to access it is to access, the more people want to use it.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn introduced “mentions" making it more like business Facebook, Google added new Google+ tweaks, and Twitter has released Vine video. No longer clearly defined, a Forbes article speculates on social media's colliding worlds, while its technology article this week questions some social media big wigs for their predictions for Facebook Home's and its potential influence.

The objective seems to be to turn us all into Faceborgs. But in my world, Facebook has peaked and everyone I know uses it less and less. Easier access will not help that. Indeed, the lines between social networks are more than starting to blur. But more notable is how Worlds have alre…

And so it begins. Again.

I’ve been to Southern California many times on business and vacation. This flight, however, differs, as today’s trip is to move there. I’ve boarded the noon flight to Los Angeles and it appears it will land right on time – give or take 30 years. With two suitcases stuffed with clothes in cargo, and my trusty laptop on my back I am making the 2,200 miles trip cross country to start a new life. Not for a new love or new job, nor was my current job transferring me but solely because I felt it was time to make “the” move. As a gold member of the procrastination club, the airline ticket, hotel reservation, and car rental were made yesterday am on the plane to the City of Angeles. I have no idea where I will live, and oddly it seems like an after thought. Not more than two months ago I decided to give almost everything I owned away, uproot from friends and move for a variety of reasons I will go into in future columns. Saying that planets aligned may be a bit much, but timing had everythin…