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Is that Job Posting...Really a Job Posting?

Many people devoted some of this weekend to updating their resume and look for a new job.

Back in prehistoric times, when resumés were printed on paper (Admit it my fellow dinosaurs.You remember), applying for jobs was a very different process. You'd check the local paper on Sunday, write targeted cover letters and address envelopes (maybe on that typewriter thingy?) carefully fold a copy of your resume, mail it out and hope for the best. And somehow it worked, and you got a call by Friday. But sometimes you didn't, despite the fact that you were perfect for the job.

In pre-Internet days, I remember seeing two piles of resumés on my boss's desk. In the first pile were resumés of people who were referred word of mouth by coworkers, friends, and/or other departments. In the second pile were resumés collected from newspaper job postings all still in their unopened envelopes. Those resumés would be "kept on file" until the next ad was posted six months later at whic…