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6 Reasons to Make a Dog Your CEO

The world would be a better place if people were more like dogs. They're loyal, trustworthy, non-judgmental, unaffected by outer beauty and thanklessly provide unconditional love expecting nothing in return. About 20 years ago, a study of chief executive officers (CEOs) at Fortune 500 companies was conducted that stated an overwhelming majority -- near 90% --had a dog while growing up. They said at the time that among other qualities, owning a dog taught them responsibility.

My dog currently holds the title of Vice President of Home Security. He's well-respected, provided free corporate housing, expenses all his meals, gets vacation days, full medical, and regular bonuses in the payment of rawhide. However I was thinking of promoting him to CEO. Not only a position he's earned after ten years of service, but also one he's well-suited to fill.

It got me to thinking that all companies would be a better place as well with a dog at the helm? Make a dog your CEO? Now do…