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Avoiding the Dreaded 5 Minute Job Interview

You pick up the outfit you're planning to wear from the dry cleaners.You cancel weekend plans so you can instead study up on your prospective employer, its website, and its competitive landscape.You rehearse winning answers and examples pertaining to your experience.You take the day off from work for the interview because, well, you're a shoe-in.But instead, it's more of a shoo-out, and you find yourself back on the elevator down to the visitors parking garage in minutes. Disappointing, frustrating, demoralizing. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you may think. Or it will if you go on enough job interviews. What just happened? You barely had a chance to speak. Was it what you wore? Your tattoo? Your personality? Was it
The answer is...all of the above. And then some. Until that dystopian day when robots replace us all like in The Matrix, you will often get or lose that job based upon factors other than what's on your resume. It may have been A.I. bots t…