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Corporate Communications: What to Say (and Not Say) About the News

When you're paid to communicate, keeping silent can be difficult - but sometimes it's the best decision. Did you read what happened in the news today?

Actually, it doesn't really matter what day you're reading this because this has been a year of one outrageous news story after another. And I'm sure you've got something to say about it. In fact, I'd bet it's a viewpoint that they're not covering on your favorite news station. Or it's a comment so insightful, that it needs to be said to set the world straight.
Don't say it. Facebook seems to the choice to voice unwanted opinions and pontificating. So much so, that I think they need to rework the logo to include a soap box and mic. Instant freedom of speech. So if you want to debate the guy in your 10th grade social studies class about the political climate, by all means enjoy. I shall choose to mute you both until you post photos of your dog or a yummy dessert I may want to try.

But when it&…