Going Underground -- Who's With Me?

The prospect of going underground does appeal to me more and more, but I wonder if it's even possible for a self-proclaimed social media guru?

I'm thinking about going underground for awhile. Not in the secret agent sense of the word, though that has always sounded up my alley. Assuming a new name, making quick changes, wearing disguises -- actually that sounds more like a cruise ship entertainer than espionage. And not going underground in the political refugee sort of way either -- though as a centrist I always feel a bit invisible this time of year anyway.  But underground as in a law-abiding citizen who needs some time to rethink -- while off the radar.

My best friend does this so routinely that it's more an event when she's "above ground."  Wait, that makes it sound like she's a vampire -- but I'm (pretty) sure she's not as her teeth are not sharp, loves garlic, and faints at the sign of blood. But she does disappear from mirrors but more to the point from the social scene. She won't return an email, a call, or a text for weeks at a time unless it's prefaced by the word URGENT. Though this is no guarantee of a response.

The first few times she did this it was tough on me, with my reactions going from concern, to annoyance, to being insulted, and then finally, acceptance. I learned quickly it wasn't just me -- it was everyone. This was her way to regroup from the maddening crowd. With her, it's less a choice and more a sanity necessity. Nothing sordid or exciting, she takes these periods to read a lot, catch up on her favorite news shows, then read a ton more. But such dropouts are easy for her as she has never tweeted, has no interest in Pinterest; links out of LinkedIn, and maintains a faceless Facebook account that she checks every year or so and only then just to inform the uniformed that she doesn't check her Facebook account except for every year or so.

The prospect of going underground does appeal to me more and more, but I wonder if it's even possible for a self-proclaimed social media guru? I'm not planning to run from technology but rather keep a low profile in the non-virtual world (formerly known as "real"). My friend says it's called "cocooning" and I'll emerge as the new me. Though I'm not anticipating a new me when I emerge, a freshly-painted, wood-laminate floored, cabinet-refaced me would be welcomed. Not in  the physical sense but emotionally and intellectually. So for awhile, I will choose to eat in rather than out. Say no to invitations rather than "What time is good for you?"  Let it go to voice mail rather than answer on the first ring. And what the heck, maybe even wear a disguise or two.


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