Social Media: Like Marriage it's a One-Way Street

Social media and relationships: that's what the new Facebook couples pages is all about. Listing yourself as "In a relationship" is so traumatic that it's probably ended more relationships than Vegas trips and Victoria's Secrets catalogs combined. But now, a page to illustrate the relationship?  (For more information on this please see "Kiss of Death".)  Instead let's discuss the business/customer social media "marriage."

First, if you believe the adage "Marriage is a two-way street" then I might have due cause to suspend your relationship license.  Or maybe you've never walked down the plank, er I mean, aisle. Marriages — even the most successful ones  — are more often than not comprised of a giver and a taker. And the social media business relationship is no different except the business is always the giver and your customer is always the taker. As the reader/follower/customer, I want, want, want. I don’t care if it’s an insight or a laugh,  though I'd much rather have a coupon, hot tip, chance to win, or anything FREE! Just hand it over. The better it is, the more I’ll return.

When a company starts a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account they expect to build relationships with clients right away — both current and potential ones. Like marriages, there is a honeymoon period. They like your product/service, so they will "Like" your page without much expectations. But you'll need to deliver or the relationship will sizzle. 
Too often companies expect the leads and sales to file in like lemmings. They won't. It takes time. Many companies simply give up too quickly. And like marriage, it takes work. A lot of work — and I don't mean just taking out the garbage every once in awhile.

Social media is about providing relevant content to act as a catalyst to create buzz or “call to action" not instant sales.  So if you’re selling, rather than a post that basically says “Read this and buy my product” get intriguing instead. Try “Buy this because today and we'll charge you less. Click for your special pricing.”

The marriage parallels are all there: hard work, interest, intrigue, and a willingness to give.  Done correctly, social media, like marriage can greatly enhance both your sales and customer experience. 

Article first published as Social Media is Like Marriage: A One-Way Street on Technorati.


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