6 Reasons to Make a Dog Your CEO

The world would be a better place if people were more like dogs. They're loyal, trustworthy, non-judgmental, unaffected by outer beauty and thanklessly provide unconditional love expecting nothing in return. About 20 years ago, a study of chief executive officers (CEOs) at Fortune 500 companies was conducted that stated an overwhelming majority -- near 90% -- had a dog while growing up. They said at the time that among other qualities, owning a dog taught them responsibility.

My dog currently holds the title of Vice President of Home Security. He's well-respected, provided free corporate housing, expenses all his meals, gets vacation days, full medical, and regular bonuses in the payment of rawhide. However I was thinking of promoting him to CEO. Not only a position he's earned after ten years of service, but also one he's well-suited to fill.

It got me to thinking that all companies would be a better place as well with a dog at the helm? Make a dog your CEO? Now don't growl yet, sit and stay for the reasons why:

  1. They're well liked and make new acquaintances easily. The main reason my dog leaves the house -- other than to use the facilities -- is to meet and make new friends. A CEO is the face of the company that needs to be out and about creating new opportunities which result in new business and happier clients.
  2. They achieve their goals--every day. This one is huge. A dog sets out each day with a few things on its to-do list. Eat, sleep, play, get pet, and then repeat. CEOs should set realistic goals and ones the company can achieve.
  3. They interact with you daily, then leave you to your work. I suppose it depends upon the dog, but mine leaves the room when I'm on a call, Probably because I'm talking too loud but he gives me privacy nonetheless. Good CEOs know to let their employees do what they were hired to do with little interference. Today everything is measurable. This should no longer be just the luxury of sales.
  4. They have your back. Dogs are not taught to stand up for you. They do it automatically. CEOs must do the same and not be quick to point fingers for poor results.
  5. They are great judges of character. Dogs sense who and who not to trust. CEOs need to have the same business sense on who to partner with and who not.What products and services to carry, what markets, etc.
  6. They command respect, but never abuse it. Some of the biggest dogs who could do the most damage are often the sweetest. Unless that is, you mean to bring harm. Great CEOs never flaunt the fact that they could replace you and your entire department right now if they so choose. Do your job well and they should reward you.
Consider making your dog the company CEO. Though I think they're turn down the position as sleeping 18 hours a day on the couch is a tough life to give up. So instead, be a CEO that puts people ahead of profits, and watch how the profits grow as fast as a greyhound.


  1. Our whole office was laughing by this joke and I hope our CEO didn't see this stuff. Kudos to the Social media agencies for these jokes

  2. Woow Really funny..i can't close this window without Sharing this through Social media agencies.


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